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Annual Interviews For District Licensing

Both those desiring to obtain a first-time District License and current District Licensed Ministers (including those on track for ordination this year) are required to undergo an annual interview with the District Credentials & Studies Board.

The candidate must attend one of four Credentials & Studies Board Meetings for this interview, held on the four Thursdays in February in varying geographic locations throughout the District.

While any of the four meetings may be attended, it is recommended that candidates attend the meeting nearest to them.

It is the candidate's responsibility to contact the convener of the meeting he/she attends to set up an appointment.

Note: All Hispanic candidates should attend one of the four Thursday meetings.  Haitian candidates should attend the designated Saturday meeting held at the District Office.

Note:  Students attending a Nazarene College or University, NTS, NBC, etc., may have their annual interview conducted by an approved Religion Faculty Member.  For more information and approval, students must contact Rev. Lamar Brantley, Credentials Chairman.

Credentials & Studies Board Meeting Dates

All Pre-Assembly Meetings are listed below.  For full information on a specific meeting, click its title.

Application Requirements

In order for the committee to prepare for the meeting, the candidate should send a completed copy of the "Application For A Minister's License" in advance to each of the following:

It is recommended that the candidate download the "Application for A Minister's License" and attach the completed file to an E-Mail addressed to the above individuals.  These files are available for individual download below, and can also be found in the "Ministry Applications" zip file that can be found in the "Annual Report Forms" column of the Downloads Page.

For the candidate's convenience, "Application Submission Links" are provided below. These links will lead to a form at which the candidate may attach his/her application and submit it automatically to each of the appropriate parties for the selected meeting.

The candidate may also choose to submit an email on their own, without using the form.  If this is the preferred route, an E-Mail address for the convener of the chosen meeting can be found in the "Description" section of the Meeting Dates listing above, and links are provided to the email addresses of the Ministerial Credentials Board Secretary & District Secretary above.

The candidate must also bring completed, signed, and dated copies of the following forms to his/her scheduled meeting:

  • Application For A Minister's License

  • Recommendation To The District Assembly (Form 813.2)

NOTE:  Signed, dated forms may also be mailed to District Secretary:

Rev. Janice Laster
757 Master Moore Rd.
East Dublin, GA  31027

Transcript Requirements

  • Grade Reports Are Acceptable For District License Applicants

  • Online Transcripts May Be E-Mailed To Ministerial Studies Board Secretary

  • Formal Transcripts Are Required ONLY For Ordination Applicants

 Submit Transcripts To Ministerial Studies Board Secretary:

Rev. F. Joseph Lennon
C/O Augusta First Church of the Nazarene
P.O. Box 5461
Augusta, GA  30906

Grade reports should be submitted at the end of each semester.  The most recent report should be received no later than the end of the church year (March 31).

First Time District License

Seven Qualification Requirements For First Time District Licence:

  1. Must Have Local License For At Least One Year

  2. Must Complete One-Fourth (Six Classes) Of A Validated Course Of Study For Ministers

  3. Passed Nazarene History & Polity Course

  4. Recommendation To District Assembly (Form 813.2) From Local Church Board Or District Advisory Board

  5. Signed Application For A Minister's License

  6. If There Is A Divorce, Barrier Has Been Removed

  7. National (Not State) Background Check


Four Qualification Requirements For Ordination:

  1. Completion Of Required Studies

  2. Full Compliance With Annual Interview Process Listed Above

  3. Holding Of District License For Three Consecutive Years

  4. Three Consecutive Years Of Assigned Service In A Local Church, As Supported By Official Documentation From The District Office

Note:  Requirements 3 & 4 are NOT one & the same.  There must be full compliance on both issues separately.


Note:  The PDF files listed below have interactive fields which may be filled in and printed.  However, they can't be saved or emailed with a standard PDF Reader.  If you wish to save and email your completed forms, download and use the DOC files, unless you have software that can save PDF files.

  • Application For A Minister's License (PDF) (DOC)

  • Recommendation To The District Assembly (PDF) (DOC)

  • Application For A Minister's License (Espaņol) (PDF) (DOC)

  • Recommendation To The District Assembly (Espaņol) (PDF) (DOC)

Application Submission Links

To submit your completed "Application For A Minister's License" file to the Ministerial Credentials Board Secretary, District Secretary, and meeting convener, click the link below for your meeting date and location.

Note:  The candidate must also bring a completed, signed, and dated copy of the "Application For A Minister's License" and "Recommendation To The District Assembly" forms to his/her scheduled meeting.


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