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 It's Time To Shout

 Living Water

 In His Love


Ronnie Griffin - "Living Water"



  1.  Living Water Bread Of Life
  2.  Oh, What A Happy Day
  3.  Wish You Were Here
  4.  A Rich Man Am I
  5.  End Of The Beginning
  6.  Will You Love Jesus More
  7.  Singin' With The Saints
  8.  Sinner Saved By Grace
  9.  Mary Did You Know


10.  God Bless The USA

This CD may be purchased directly from:

Ronnie Griffin

6324 Tinley Dr.

Macon, GA  31216


      * Please make checks out to "Ronnie Griffin Ministries"

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For more information or concert bookings, please contact Ronnie Griffin at, visit, or call (478) 781-2001.


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